The Art Of The Knife [eBook]

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The Knife is the original kitchen gadget. In fact, the knives of today are remarkably like the tools developed thousands of years ago. Over all those years, however, the basic shape and function along with the skills necessary to use them have remained constant. Knives are so much a part of a cook's work that it's impossible to imagine a cook at work without them. From the versatile chef's knife to more specialized knives, many cooks develop a strong and personal attachment to the knives they use in their kitchens. The Art of the Knife includes a basic working knowledge of the handling and maintenance of knives as well as cutting techniques that can be put to good practice in this fun and eclectic collection of over 200 recipes. No matter what's in your grocery bag, you can anticipate the rhythmic knocking of a knife chopping, see the gleam of a blade as it slices through an onion and watch with satisfaction as you carve up the main course for a delicious dinner.

  • 240-page knife instruction and cookbook.
  • Over 200 delicious recipes inside.
  • Learn knife skills and maintenance.
  • Includes chopping, mincing, dicing & slicing.
  • Teaches fruit and vegetable preparation.
  • Identifies proper uses for each knife.
  • And much more!

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