The Great Sausage Maker Cookbook

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For Americans sausage evokes pleasant memories of ball games, picnics, backyard barbecues and just plain people having fun together, enjoying life. From the lowly hot dog or frankfurter to the Italian sausage or salami eaten as the family gathers around the table or to the more sophisticated thoughts of European sausages eaten in special restaurants like Tapas Bars, English Pubs, Greek Tavernas, French Bistros or even Italian Trattorias, the sausage holds a place in our hearts.

Once you get started, you'll want to make it often. The variety is endless and the best part is you always know what's in it. A must for every cook, this special recipe collection is packed with plenty of new ideas that will become family and entertainment favorites.

Complete with precise recipes for dishes like Meatloaf Sausage, Fresh-Sage Breakfast Sausage and Bratwurst, this ultimate sausage-making guide provides the "missing link" for you to start cranking out scrumptious sausages.

Don't miss this one hot dog of a deal!

Highly flavored, these tasty links set the stage for the rest of the meal. With the seasonings already built into the sausages they become the center of every dish they appear in. Their flavor enhances the dish and sets its standard. The Great Sausage Maker Cookbook contains 271 pages with over 100 fresh sausage recipes inside. Plus, there are dozens of menu suggestions to help you prepare tempting breakfasts, dinners, and sumptuous low-fat meals. This special recipe collection is packed with plenty of new ideas that will quickly become family and entertainment favorites!

  • 271 pages with over 100 fresh sausage recipes
  • Make Homemade Sausage Links, Patties, and Ground Sausages
  • Seasonings built into every sausage recipe
  • Menu suggestions and low-fat options
  • And much more!

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Sale Price: $19.95

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