Digital Cooking Thermometer Gun

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Whether you want to measure something very cold or very hot, this - instant read, infrared thermometer gun - has it handled! This handy tool is able to measure temperatures from -26 to 716 degree F (-32 to 380 degree C), so you can check nearly any temperature you'd find in your household quickly. Designed for ease of use, the thermometer features auto shutoff and a low battery indicator to let you know when it's time to replace the batteries. This amazing tool has thousands of uses: cooks, kitchen, homemakers, maintenance work, electricians, mechanics, health care workers, veterinarians, professional chefs and much more. This easy to use Digital Thermometer is small enough to fit in your pocket but accurate enough to be a staple tool in your cooking arsenal.

  • LCD Digital Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
  • Red laser pointer for precise aiming.
  • Instant-read with less than 1 second response time.
  • Fits easily in a pocket or purse.
  • Ultra-portable; Easy to carry everywhere.

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Sale Price: $19.95

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